Photoshoot with Tonnie and his VW412 LE Variant

Earlier this month I had a photoshoot with Tonnies’ recent restored 1972 VW 412LE Variant. The photoshoot had actually been planned for October but duet o a broken wheel bearing we had to postpone the photoshoot.

The Volkswagen 411 and 412 are actuallly the Type 4 Volkswagen. The aircooled Volkswagen were numbered chronologically at the time. The Beetle was Type 1, the T1 Van was Type 2 and the 1500 and 1600 were Type 3. The Type 4 was produced as model 411 from 1968 till 1972 and as model 412 from 1972 till 1974 but was never really succesful. In 6 years only less than 400.000 cars were built. In 1973 the Type 4 was replaced by the Passat, one of Volkswagens most succesful models. The Passat made the 412 the last luxery Volkswagen with an aircooled boxer engine.

Tonnies’ 412 is the 1972 model and recently completely restored. It looks really stunning. For the photoshoot we went to a dead end street between the town of Vlijmen and Den Bosch. This gave us the opportunaty to shoot the without having to watch out for other traffic.

A week earlier it had been a beautiful, sunny autumn weekend. But during the week te weather started to get worse. I kept an eye on the weatherforecats every day because we would cancel the photoshoot in case of rain or bad weather. The evenening before it looked like the early afternoon would be dry with a small chance of sunshine so we decided to go ahead with the photoshoot the next day.

During the photoshoot the sky turned darker and darker. A small shower did not really hinder us but did make me step up my game and work a little faster. That was just as well because after an hour it started to poor down and we had to stop.

Sometimes the rain can add a little something to your photos but not in this case. Especially because I also wanted to portray the proud owner with his car. And rain does not really help in such case. And to be honest I do not particularly like shooting in the rain.

Although it was only a short photoshoot I really enjoyed it. Shooting classic cars is such fun. Always great to see the proud owners and see how passionate they are about their car.









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