Photoshoot with Ad and his Opel Rekord

Last month I had another photoshoot with an awesome classic car, a 1962 Opel Rekord. The stunning classic Opel of Ad. Ad is an old car mechanic and has had this beautiful Opel for 26 years.

The Opel Rekord is still completely original and in pristine condition. Ad is the second owner of the car and knows the complete history of the Opel. At the time the Opel had been in the showroom of his former employer for 10 years after which Ad bought the it. After all those years the Opel still looks likes it left the showroom only recently. It has driven less than 70,000km, original kilometers that is! A truly unique classic car.

The Opel Rekord was a true middle class car and was produced between 1953 till 1986 with the emphasis on cheap maintenance, durability and functionality. Because of its high production numbers, robust and simple technique their are still quite a few Opel Rekords around or in possesion of enthusiats like Ad. The Opel Rekord of Ad is a so called Olympia Record P2 which was produced between 1960 and 1963. In those 3 years they build 755,000 of P2s. In total Opel build about 10 million Rekords till it was replaced by the Opel Omega in 1986.

For the photoshoot we went to the Lido in Waalwijk which is a nice park with big ponds, trees and grass. The photoshoot was scheduled at 9 in the morning so after I took the kids to school I went home, picked up my gear and left. The Lido is only about 5 minutes away so I still had the time to check the location and to find a great spot fort he photoshoot.

When you do a photoshoot at a location it is always a good idea to check the location just before the shoot. Just to make sure there a no obstacles and to see the light conditions. It is not nice to be surprised that the location cannot be used and you have to go elsewhere with your client. But it doesn’t hurt to keep a spare location in mind, just in case…

When I finished checking the location I saw Ad and explained to him what I wanted to do. As with my other photoshoots I started shooting the Opel first and afterwards I shot Ad and his precious Opel together.

It was a real pleasure shooting Ads’ classic Opel Rekord. A true and passionate oldschool, retired professional with a great love for his Opel Rekord. Someone who can tell the most amazing stories like when his Opel Rekord was featured in another photoshoot where they stuffed the boot with balloons.

Another great photoshoot done. I love shooting such a passion for classic cars.













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