Shooting the sponsor event of Ad Brands Rallyteam

Last year I came in contact with the Ad Brands Rallyteam after I saw them racing in Zandvoort in February 2016. The whole year we tried to plan a photoshoot with the team and the Opel Kadett rallycar. But fors ome reason we could not find a date and some technical problems with the rallycar did not help either.

Last December I was asked by the team to shoot their annual sponsor event. The sponsor event is a special event to thank their sponsors. For me a great opportunity to meet the team and their sponsors and to get to know them a little.

Last Saturday was the day of the sponsor event. Fot the first time at Restaurant Ichizai, a new sponsor of the rallyteam. Especially fort his occasion the Opel Kadett rallycar was parked outside the restaurant.

Shooting these types of events can be very tricky. Most of the time the circumstances are far form ideal. In this case the room was very small and full of standing tables leaving little room to move around. Plus people stand around them so in most cases you shoot peoples’ backs. There was not a lot of light either so I absolutely needed to use my speedlight. All-in all providing me with enough challenges.

I walked around all evening, looking around and shooting people. At the start people feel al little awkward with a photographer walking around but after a while they stop noticing you. Another thing that worked to my advantage was the camera of the videographer which made my DSLR look tiny.

I shot everything is manual mode and aimed the speedlight at the ceiling for indirecht lightning. The Tamron 24-70mm f2.8 proved itself again. What a great lens!

I selected and edited the photos in Rawtherapee Sunday evening after which I send them tot he team. Below a few results of the photoshoot. The complete series can be viewed at the Facebookpage of the Ad Brands Rallyteam.

The team was so happy with the results that they named me their team photographer. So from now on I am the proud team photographer of my local rallyteam. And I am very excited to start this new journey in my photography career.