Photoshoot with Egbert and his Fiat 850 Sport Spider

Earlier this year I did a photoshoot with Egbert and his Mercedes 280SL. At the time he also showed me his Fiat 850 Sport Spider which was still in his garage. Already then I knew I wanted to shoot that beautiful, small Italian roadster.

The Fiat 850 succeeded the Fiat 600 in 1964 and was built till 1971. The production of the Sport Spider ended in 1974. In 1971 the Fiat 850 was succeeded by the Fiat 127. The Fiat 850 Sport Spider was designed by Giorgetto Giugiaro of the famous design house Bertone. The Sport Spider was the succesor of the regular 850 Spider. The small roadster was the Italian alternative for the English Midgets, Spitfires and Sprites.

Egberts’ Fiat 850 Sport Spider is a 1970 model. The 850 has been fully restored years ago and it still looks liken new today.

In September it was finally the 850s’ turn for a photoshoot. For this photoshoot I also went to the Lido park in Waalwijk. Mainly because I did not have a car myself that afternoon. My wife needed our car so I had to go to the location by bike. Earlier that week I already did a photoshoot at the Lido park and noticed a couple of other spots for another photoshoot. The Lido park is big enough to do several photoshoots in different places.

During the editing of the photos I realised that a different location like a mansion or something like that might have been a better location. Selecting a good location is something to keep in mind. I am thinking of creating a list of possible locations for future use. When I come across a nice location I can put it on that list and use it when the right car shoot comes around.

Also shooting during the afternoon remains hard. Light conditions are far from ideal during that time of the day. Another thing to take into account when planning a photoshoot. Either with shooting at a different location or a different time of the day.











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