Photoshoot: GTC Rally 2017

On Saturday 8 July I joined the Ad Brands Rallyteam again for the GTC Rally. The team would start at the Jumbo Short Rally. The Jumbo Short Rally existed of 7 stages of which the last stage was driven during the late evening, sunset. An extra challenge fort he competitors and me as a photographer.

The team did a good job in the Jumbo Short Rally with a 5th place overall and a 3rd place in their class. Antoher trophy fort he team!

– Stage 1, Roosendaal: 5th
– Stage 2, Klein Zundert: 3rd
– Stage 3, Rijsbergen: 3rd
– Stage 4, Achtmaal: 9th
– Stage 5, Klein Zundert: 2nd
– Stage 6, Rijsbergen: 3rd
– Stage 7, Achtmaal: 5th

For the fans and me as a the team photographer it was a disadvantage that the stages were far apart so we could not go to every stage. Meaning we had to make choices where we would watch and shoot the rally. Stage 1 was at the service terrain, so an easy choice. After stage 1 we decided to go to stage 4 and 7 in Achtmaal. The spot where were watching the rally was close to the start of the stage and Mark & Roy would pass us twice.

Stage 1 was driven on a small and winding gravel track next to the service terrain and very spectacular. Lots of drifting, sliding and dust! Also very easy to damage the car. Between stage 4 and 7 we went back tot he service terrain to eat and shoot the team while they were checking and preparing the car for the rest of the rally.

During the last stage the sun was setting so the light conditions were getting darker and darker. A new challenge for me. I kept changing the ISO settings to maintain a reasonable aperture and shutterspeed.

Back at the service terrain we discovered that Mark & Roy already went over the podium and received their trophy. That was really ashame because I would have loved to shoot that but you cannot be everywhere all the time.

Check out more photos of the team on my Facebook page.