Photoshoot: ELE Rally 2017

On 27 May it was time for the ELE Rally and so I joined the Ad Brands Rallyteam again to shoot some photos. Because the ELE Rally was held around the city of Eindhoven it felt like a home race fort he team. So the team was eager to perform well!

After the oil pressure problems during the Centraal Nederland Rally in April the team worked hard and made a few changes to the Opel Kadett. The dry sump system was removed and the engine was completely rebuild.

During the ELE Rally it was very hot, over 30 degrees. I did not envy Mark and Roy who had to wear protective clothing and race overalls and drive a car without airconditioning. But they did a great job and the Opel Kadett did not give them any trouble.

The ELE Rally consisted of 6 stages on three different locations, Strijpse Kampen, Spoordonk en Wintelre. Overal the Ad Brands Rallyteam finish 4th and 3rd in the NL/RGT-S20 class. So the team went home with a nice trophy! A great result fort he team who have been working very hard!

Because the locations of the rally stages were not very close to eachother there was no time in between te stages to return to the service spot. So I concentrated on taking actions shots of the team. Finding a good photo location along the stages is very difficult. So the challenge is to make the best of the location where you are and to try to shoot great photos anyway.

You can see more photos of the team and the ELE Rally on my Facebook page.