ChasingAsphalt celebrates its 5th anniversary!

In November 2011 I started with ChasingAsphalt hoping to create an online community around automotive and motorsports photography. I have been interested in photography ever since I got my first camera when I was a 7 year old child. But only from 2007 I started to develop an interest in automotive photography in which I could combine my passion for photography and (classic) cars.

After doing an automotive photography workshop in 2011 I was keen to learn more so I started ChasingAsphalt. I started following other photographers and asking them if they were willing to be featured on my website. Over the years I met quite a few talented automotive and motorsports photographers willing to share their stories and photos. Really amazing and I still cannot thank them enough!

But over the years I also found it very difficult to keep coming up with interesting and unique content and adding new features to the community website. When I got laid off from work early 2015 for the third time in three years my focus on ChasingAsphalt slipped away.

During that time I also realised that I learned a lot about automotive photography by all the people I met online and followed but that I did not shoot a lot my self. So I decided to shift the focus from an online community to my personal automotive photography and thus changing ChasingAsphalt into my personal portfolio platform.

In 2016 I started with a personal photography project #project52 to shoot every week no matter what the subject. Just to get out their and start shooting and learning. And I also started an automotive photography project with shooting people and their cars. So far I have done 8 photoshoots with 8 amazing classic cars and their owners. And I have a lot of plans for more future photoshoots. The best photos from the automotive project will be on display in the 2017 exhibition of my local photoclub. I am very excited about that.

Thank you all for your stories and support! You have all been and still are a great inspiration to me. And lets keep in touch!