Shooting the preparations for the new rally season

The Dutch rally season has started again. During the winter period the guys of the Ad Brands Rallyteam worked very hard to get the Opel Kadett rally car ready in time fort he new season.

After a lot of problems during the last rally season the team is very keen on getting good results this season. They made quite a few changes tot he Opel Kadett rally car like installing a dry sump system and completely rebuilding and modifing the engine.

Right before the start of the rally season I dropped by the team on a Thursday night to have look and to take some photos. It was very nice to see the enthusiasm and hard work of everyone to get the car ready and the engine running at the end of the evening.
Unfortunately there was a problem with the dry sump system and the engine could not be started. A few guys would not have this and worked all night to fix the problem so that the engine could be tuned at the Autosport Company in Waalwijk on Friday.

Two days before I would join the team on their way to the Zuiderzee rally in Emmeloord the team discovered a brake problem causing the team to withdraw from the opening rally. Now the team is working hard again to get the car ready for the next rally on 8 April and to take revenge!

During the shoot I mainly paid attention tot he faces of the mecanics and tried to capture the fun and hard work while at the same time paying attention to not be in their way…

Light conditions were not ideal. It seems there is a lot of light from the lights in the ceiling but I still needed to push the ISO to …. To be able to take photos without a flash or extra lighting. The next time I will use my flash for sure.

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