Shooting the Centraal Nederland Rally

On 8 April I went to the Centraal Nederland Rally with the Ad Brands Rallyteam as their team photographer. A couple of team members had an early start and went to Barneveld with the Opel Kadett rallycar to be in time for the scrutineering and setting up the service spot.

I could stay in bed a little longer and went to the service area a little later with the rest of the team where the Opel Kadett was already waiting fort he first rally stage.

The Ad Brands Rallyteam competes in the Dutch National Championship Short Rally. Short rallies are shorter (in time and distance) than the normal rallies. There are three different kinds of rally championships in the Netherlands: the Open Dutch Rally Championship, the Dutch Rally Championship and the Dutch National Championship Short Rally.

The Centraal Nederland Short Rally consisted of 5 raly stages with a total of 54 kilometer. For the stages 1, 3 and 5 there was a track created near Voorthuizen and for stages 2 and 4 near Putten. In the end the last stage got cancelled. Of the 27 participants 21 arrived at the finish at all the stages. Unfortunatley the Ad Brands Rallyteam was one of the team that did not finish. During the 4th stage (and in the end the last stage) Mark and Roy stopped the car out of precaution due to an oil pressure problem. That was really such a shame because it did go so well with a 3rd place in the 1st stage and a 4th place in the 3rd stage.

As a teamphotographer I also wanted to shoot at the service besides taking action shots at the rally stages. With a lot of photographers the attention goes to the rallycars but I also wanted to shoot the people behind the team. Between the rally stages the rally car came back tot he service area giving me the opportunaty to shoot the hard working mecanics.

Ofcours I also took action shots at the rally stages. Together with other team members, family and friends we went to a public area around the rally stage. There I would try to find a great spot to take some action shots. For part of my photos I used the panning technique. With the panning technique you use a slow shutter speed and move your camera along with the rallycar. The panning technique is a great way to show speed in your photos but also a technique that requires a lot of practise. I also took photos with a fast shutterspeed to freeze the action. All photos were shot in burst mode.

At this moment the team is working hard again to get the Opel Kadett ready for the next rally, the ELE Short Rally in Eindhoven on 27 May.

You can see more photos of the team and the Centraal Nederland rally on my Facebook page.