20151019_profielfoto_JurienMinke_SMI am Juriën Minke, founder of Chasing Asphalt, and I started with photography at an early age but only got into automotive photography in 2007. I am a photographer with a passion for (classic)cars and motorsports and keen to learn more about automotive photography every day. I do also shoot other stuff but my main focus is automotive and motorsports photography.

I do not do wedding photography but if you would like to know how I can be of service to you or your company just contact me and we will take it from there.

Ad Brands Rallyteam
ChasingAsphalt is a proud partner of the Dutch Ad Brands Rallyteam. As the team photographer I shoot the team as they work on the car, compete in the Dutch National Championship Short Rally and at other events where the team is present.

Villa Pardoes
As a volunteer photographer I shoot family portraits of the families who are staying in Villa Pardoes. Villa Pardoes offers families with a child who has a serious, potentially life-threatening illness an unforgettable holiday. For children who want to get away from being sick for a while. For brothers, sisters, parents, grandfathers and grandmothers who long to spend a carefree week with their families.

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ChasingAsphalt is a trademark of Juriën Minke Fotografie and registered at the Dutch Chamber of Commerce under number 68955316