Tip: use the panning technique

Panning is the art of photographing a moving object. When you do it right the result is a fantastic photo. The object will be sharp and the background will have a motion blur to emphasize the speed of the object. Panning is a great technique to use on the race track. we have a few tips to create a stunning panning shot.

  • Set your camera to burst mode.
  • Set your auto focus to continuous focus
  • Set your shutterspeed to 1/250, 1/125 or lower like 1/60, 1/30 or even 1/15 depending on the speed of the object. But be carefull the lower the shutterspeed the harder it is to get a good result.
  • Keep your camera steady and move it gently while you follow your subject and start shooting. You can also try to use a monopod. I prefer shooting without a monopod or tripod.

We have found a few great examples of panning shots.

BMW650i by CiprianMihai on Flickr.

Rally comunidad de Madrid
Rally comunidad de Madrid by desertspotter on Flickr.

Panning #6
Seat Leon by Miguel Moreira on Flickr.

Panned Alfa 147
Alfa 147 by Koen Meurs on Flickr.

Ferrari F1 by neys on Flickr.

Panning VW Beetle on El Malecón
Panning VW Beetle on El Malecón by Paul ‘Tuna’ Turner on Flickr.

FDNY by Dan Evans on Flickr.

Espiritu de Montjuic
Espiritu de Montjuic by Pere Nubiola on Flickr.

Lotus 77 (1976)
Lotus 77 (1976) by VJ Photography on Flickr.

British GT - United Autosports Audi R8 GT3 - Silverstone
British GT – United Autosports Audi R8 GT3 – Silverstone by RaceCarBuzz on Flickr.

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Top photo by jeminke, on Flickr

Behind the scenes: Aston Martin DBS photoshoot

Take a look behind the scenes of the Aston Martin DBS photoshoot by George Williams.

Top photo by George Williams, on Flickr

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